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Nowadays, photography trends evolve and die quickly. In 2016, according to Deloitte, 2.5 trillion photos were shared and stored online. 90% of them were taken with a smartphone. We are part of a culture that documents everyday actions, experiences, portraits and small details (often automatically, and on the go). Our photos receive their minute of fame in news feeds — and are laid to rest, buriedunder tons of other attention-seeking posts. With the new iPhone and Google’s Pixel cameras, it appears 2016 will mark the final shift of photography to smartphones. How will technology and social media change photography in 2017? Depositphotos has analyzed data from their search algorithms and collaborated with top designers and photographers in the industry. Just to discover what’s in demand. As a result, let’s explore the significant trends that have emerged. But also, trends that will continue to dominate visual communications in the coming year.You can read the guide here!

One takeaway – back to the 90s!

The children of the 90s have become a major target audience for brands. The use of social media has aided in helping them become brand ambassadors. This generation has started their families, launched businesses, created a culture of awareness and are educated; they are driving consumer demand and their purchasing power continues to increase. This means that 90s nostalgia will remain on trend in visual communications. It is another step towards more sincere, candid and close-to-life images. Polaroid-like snapshots, flash photos and a bold, colorful style will all emerge from this trend. Film filters associated with the 90s add a personal touch to photographs, delivering a storytelling effect that digital photos often lack. More here!

depositphotos_118459944_l2015 depositphotos_125977948_l2015 depositphotos_105868088_original Portrait of a bearded shirtless man breakdancing against white background

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