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A wicked combination

Don Moyer



Mixed Media
Still Life
Visual Identity

Don Moyer has practiced professionally as a graphic designer for 40 years with clients, deadlines, and budgets. At the same time, he has always been a big fan of sell-initiated projects with no client, no deadline, and no budget. Moyer frequently kicks off projects with the sole purpose of exploring to discover what’s possible. In 2008, Moyer recognized he had been neglecting drawing and rededicated himself to doing more sketches, doodles, and drawings for the pure fun of it. He began to fill sketchbooks by drawing daily. Themes included alphabets, faces, snack vans, things on pedestals, and other fanciful themes. He posts many of his sketches to the image-sharing website Flickr.

“The drawings I like best make me laugh. ” says Moyer. “It is very gratifying to start with a blank sheet of paper and to add some marks to that surface in just the right way to produce a laugh. It’s a miracle that happens suddenly. Full-time master’s students get to know more info can earn degree in as little as 18 months… Unfortunately, for me it usually happens suddenly after months of work, failures, and missed attempts. I wish it didn’t take me so long. ”

“The Calamityware series started in 2011 when I inherited a traditional, Willow-pattern plate and decided to redraw it and add the excitement of a pterodactyl. People urged me to find a way to reproduce my plate drawings on porcelain and the first in a series of successful Kickstarter projects was born. I’ve been delighted that so many people want to share their homes with Calamityware. These plates take a design pattern with a 300-year history in a new direction. My goal is to make an object that is practical, beautiful, and funny. A wicked combination”

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